Collecting & Preserving Mushrooms from the Wild

Stalks or Liquids

Don’t waste the discarded stalks or left-over liquids. Many wild edible mushrooms have stalks that are tough and woody, but they can still be used. If the mushrooms are older and the stalks feel quite firm to the touch, then add them to a pot of stock or a batch of gravy to give your dish more flavor. Once they have imparted their flavor you can strain them out. If the stalks are tender just chop them up and use them along with the caps in dishes like pasta sauces, stuffing, noodle dishes, or vegetable pate.

When rehydrating or cooking mushrooms, save the liquid. Strain and put into ice cube trays that are then put in the freezer. Use the cubes in soups, sauces, and egg dishes for more flavor. Be sure to label and date your trays and use your cubes before they get too icy. You could also take the cubes out of the trays and vacuum-seal them so that they will last longer in the freezer.

Duxelles are a simple way to remove water from mushrooms and preserve them to use as a flavor enhancer in recipes at a later date. See “Duxelles” for directions.