Collecting & Preserving Mushrooms from the Wild

Dry Sautéing

Dry sauté your mushrooms before freezing them if they are wet or if they normally produce a lot of liquid. This method brings out their juices and then draws them back into the mushrooms. This is a good way to preserve them at the top of their flavor. Also, it kills any bacteria present. When you dry sauté mushrooms use a dry frying pan and do not add any liquid, butter, or oil. Cook on medium to high heat, stirring until the mushrooms release their juices, then reduce the heat and continue to cook until the juices are reabsorbed back into the mushrooms. If the mushrooms are really dry, you may need to add a little oil or butter. When it comes to Chanterelles the flavor is enhanced if the mushrooms are not cut, but gently pulled apart vertically and cooked. Put in the refrigerator once they have been cooked. Now they can be frozen if you want to preserve them for later use.