October 22, 2016

Tasty or Toxic Roulette

Tasty or Toxic Roulette

You have two mushrooms.  One is edible.  The other might kill you.  Can you tell them apart?

Welcome!  This slideshow challenge is designed to entertain, to educate and help you stay safe!  It is both memory exercise and treasury of vital facts about our fungi friends here in the Pacific Northwest. It could even save your life!

In the member version you’ll find 84 different mushroom species presented in pairs. Most of these pairs are connected by similar appearance—one edible mushroom, and its look-alike counterpart that is inedible, toxic or even deadly. The remaining pairs are included here to highlight their unique relationships and qualities. 

Each mushroom pair has a challenge slide and an answer slide.  The challenge slide displays side-by-side images of the two mushrooms.  Click the right side of the slide (or press your right arrow key) to display the answer slide.  There you’ll see the same two images together with detailed descriptions for each mushroom.  The descriptions include:

  • Latin and (if available) common names
  • Key identifying characteristics: caps, gills, stalks, spore deposits, etc.
  • Edibility
  • Habitat

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Oh, and you can exit the slideshow at any time.
Just press your <esc> key (or click the darkened area
outside the slide) and you’ll quickly find yourself here:


Remember to stay safe, and have fun! 🙂