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What is the purpose of this site and who are the people that made and continue to make it possible?
An educational guide to wild mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

This website is sponsored by the A. Zweigel Foundation (more about the foundation here) and was conceived and created as an educational resource for mushroom enthusiasts, amateur and professional mycologists, and anyone with a passion to discover more about these incredibly diverse and awe-inspiring life forms. Read more here...

Mushroom Lovers Everywhere
I want to thank you for stopping by to expand your knowledge of wild mushrooms, for sending me your suggestions to improve this resource, and for sharing this site with your fellow mushroom lovers. My hope is that this site will make learning about wild mushrooms easier for you, and more fun.
Read more about Dr. Skye here.

The Photographers
Many wonderful people have contributed their work to this site. Images came from individual photographers, and from collections donated by Lane Community College, Oregon Mycological Society, Cascade Mycological Society, and other mushroom groups throughout the western U.S. I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of these people and mushroom clubs, without whom this site would not be possible. Detailed information about individual contributors may be found here.

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